Tech Fabric

technical fabric division

Due to introduce PANTER machines into Industrial & Technical fabric 2009 open the Technical Fabric Division connect with Sales department but more technical service to follow the customer request in this psecial sector.


Hail damaging or destroying fruit and plant, hail also destroys branches and shoots and that the plant will only regain to the previous conditions after several years have passed.

Into Agrotextile sector Anti-Hail net is one of main production.

PANTER put focus into anti-hail netting production with Hercules machine 5500mm width. The best solution today of performance/quality value.  

From 0.18 to 0.33mm HDPE monofilament yarn in warp and weft, density from 0.2 to 24 warp and weft yarn per cm, has been produced with PANTER machine today at the major world manufacturer.

Glass Fiber Fabric

carbon fiber