rapier technology

Panter experience and innovation matured in decades of work in every part of the world in every sector.

Continuous improvements have made easy, cheap and reliable weave challenging fabric.

The use of modern and unique production technologies makes unparalleled the price/performance ratio of the machines, whether you want to weave fine and delicate fabrics or heavy and beaten: it is always possible have the best equipment needed for weave in the best way. If new and special devices are required our technical department may allow a rapid solution to support the customer to have a solution.

The only case in the world that use positive and negative rapier system simultaneously on the same machine. this is high advantage for versatility and efficiency.

In both transfer systems the miniaturization and the disposition of rapier tip into the shed let us to reduce the dimension of the shed and make the weft selection near the reed. In this way you get a reduced stress of the weft yarns and an excellent selection of the same, guarantee of minimum breakage of the yarns and high quality fabric. No part of tape and rapiers touch the reed or compress the warp yarn on other surfaces. Are avoided dangerous damages visible only during  finishing.

The particular mechanism motion law makes easy to adjust the weft cut and the weft waste on right side. The particular rapier conformation almost cancel the yarn tension during the weft exchange, improvable the weaving of weak yarns.

A complete accessories range, from motorized scissors and leno device to the weft cutting without waste selvedge and an innovative weft-selector allow the best machine configuration according to customer requirements.

An improved take-up system with different diameters depending on the loom width with press-bar system with elastic elements in order to add supplementary pression in 6 points distributed by the press-bar cylinder, guarantees an unrivaled grip on all types of fabric.

A complete and easy software allows to modify the loom and fabric parameters: colors, warp tension, waste selvedge timing and speed according to the weaving setting requested. These feature are achieved by the system DD3, Direct Drive 3rd generation. 

A key aspect of this device is the low power consumption up to 30% compared to conventional solutions.