During last 10-15 years industry experiences shift in customer expectations. Production volume reduced as different articles demanded, short time to market and short quantity production. Manufacturers change to developing machine and technology for very high flexibility machine. Panter was estabished to answer these market request. Mr. Nello Pezzoli with his sons (50 years experience) respond with manufacturing a new weaving machine  after the positive results in the past.

Pezzoli’s knowledge start with first Somet during 60’s then with Vamatex revolutionary C401 & P1001 between 70’s-90’s in the weaving loom market, positive rapier, negative rapier and airjet loom.

Experience and innovation matured in decades of work in every part of the world in every sector. The technology continuity that links three family generations has allowed a safe evolution and highly innovative of the products, extremely performing in the most difficult sectors of the weaving.

Continuous improvements have made easy, cheap and reliable weave challenging fabric.

The use of modern and unique production technologies makes unparalleled the price/performance ratio of the machines, whether you want to weave fine and delicate fabrics or heavy and beaten: it is always possible have the best equipment needed for weave in the best way.

If new and special devices are required our technical department may allow a rapid solution to support the customer to have a solution.


1992 Foundation of Panter Srl, production and development of weaving machine

1994 Presentation of E4 loom

1995 First participation to ITMA exhibition

1999 Presentation of E4 evolution E4X

2002 Presentation of new E5X with Direct Drive Motor

2003 ITMA presentation of modular device positive & negative rapier on the same loom E5X-P

2004 Panter Wuxi establishment in China

2006 E6/E6P for high performance market E58/E58P for competitive market

2007 ITMA exposition with E6 Hercules specific for Technical Fabrics

2008 PT Zhejiang a Chinese/Italian JV

2009 Start TFD (Technical Fabric Division) for development of Hercules loom version 

2012 Improvement of the marketing & service team worldwide


PANTER as per weaving loom manufacture and after success of Maxi & hercules machines will be present during important textile exhibition.

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During 2010 PTMT open laser cutting departmen to external customer to optimize the machines production. the main production remain cutting for loom production. 2012 is closed with succes for this new department and open new laser cutting line.